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Food Grade Black Silicone Toaster Belts
Silicone toaster belts are specially designed for Roundup VCT series and A J Antunes commercial high speed vertical toasters in fast food service restaurant. This silicone belt is made of fiberglass fabric coating with food grade silicone, which will offer high heat resistance, anti-slip and nonstick surface. These toaster belts have a wavy tread on the surface which will hep to grip the bun during toasting process.
● High temperature resistance up to 260℃(550℉)
● Heavy silicone coating, nonstick surface and easy to clean
● Flexible and trackable
● UV, IR and HF resistant
● Wear resistance and long lifetime
● Food grade material, touch food directly
Standard sizes of silicone toaster belts
28,58 x 76,84 cm11.25" x 30.25"
11,43 x 88,58 cm4.5" x 34.875"
22,54 x 73,34 cm8.875" x 28.875"
31,12 x 85,73 cm12.25" x 33.75"
34,77 x 80,96 cm13.6875" x 31.875"
Common Equipment that use silicone toaster belts.
Roundup VCT Series Vertical Toaster
VCT-1000 SeriesVCT-2000 SeriesVCT-1000VCT-20 Arbys
VCT-20 DeluxeVCT-20 Deluxe with Heated BaseVCT-200VCT-2000
VCT-2000 ArbysVCT-2000 Wide MouthVCT-2000 SonicVCT-20CV
Prince Castle High Speed Toaster
Mutiflon also provides PTFE release sheets in high-speed vertical bun toasting:
Normally PP film+Export carton.
Any other packing can be customized, like printing your logo on paper tube or outer carton.
Company Introduction
Mutiflon is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Silicone toaster belts for high speed toaster, Nonstick Baking liners, BBQ mat, Silicone baking mat, Crispy oven basket, Teflon release sheet, PTFE adhesive tape for hot sealing, Teflon belt and silicone impregnated fabric. With optimal advantages of high temperature resistant, nonstick surface, electrical insulation, dimension stable and chemical resistant, our PTFE products applied in a wide range of industries include food packaging, paper making, textile drying and dying, wood processing, medical industry and different industrial process. We also devote ourselves into develop and customizing better material and solution to better meet customer's request.
How to work with us
Which size can you make?
Mutiflon customize belt size according to customers' requests.
What's our delivery time?
Depends on your belt size and quantity, normally within 7~15 days after payment or deposit received.
What's your payment methods?
T/T, L/C, Paypal or Western Union.
What's your shipping port?
Shanghai, Ningbo or according to customer's request.Nonstick Toaster Belt price

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