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How to choose a home blender and a cooking machine? Many friends don't know where to start when they buy cooking machines and blenders, affecting their performance in those aspects, how to choose, and plagued some friends. Here are a few important things that should be noted, and hope to benefit the majority of friends.
First, the first thing to pay attention to is the safety aspect of the purchase.

1The motor is not waterproof.
The old motor is most afraid of water. Now good brandsMotor For Blender Manufacturers are waterproof. Does the cup not tighten the juice and leak into the machine, will it burn? Will it get an electric shock? Pour the water in, the water comes out from below, is the motor broken? Can't touch the electricity? These are all testing the waterproof performance of the motor. Remember to use a waterproof motor.
2Why is the motor thermally protected?
The function of overheat protection refers to preventing the motor from being too hot and causing serious damage such as burning of the machine under abnormal working conditions.
The overheat protection device not only has the function of protecting the motor, but also enhances the working life of the motor.
3Is it safe to use?
The machine has a built-in switch (not a switch like the one on the TV, but a stealth switch), and the machine does not work when the blade is placed separately on the main unit. Even if you forget to turn off the power, the built-in overheat protection device will automatically cut off the power supply, which is very safe and convenient for daily use.

4Why use food grade plastic?
The so-called "food grade" plastics are in direct contact with foods, do not cause chemical changes or harmful substances that are harmful to the human body, and have no effect on the taste of the food.
Plastic is the most commonly used substance in daily life. Unqualified or polluted is common, such as the most common disposable cups. Therefore, it is important to choose a cooking machine motor, and plastic parts are also important.
Second, the second step in the purchase should pay attention to the speed of the motor

Ordinary motors are normally 18,000 rpm in 8000-9000 rpm, and 23,000-26000 rpm in foreign technology. It can make fruit meat and fruit juice very fine. You can't drink it completely, and 4 or 5 months of the child can also use a bottle.
Third, the second thing to pay attention to in the purchase is the durability of the knife.
The knife is a very important part of the cooking machine. Will it be blunt after a long time? Do not use grinding, do you want to change? This is a question everyone cares about! In the past, the old-fashioned machines used sharp knives, so when the time was long, the knives were blunt. If they were grinding and not grinding, they had to change them, and they had to spend money to pay for the circuit and the money. The knife used today is a blunt knife. So don't need to change without grinding, use one year, two years and three years, like this knife back, it is crushed by speed, so it hits hard things, all the powder is not very coarse particles. For example, you are playing American ginseng, seahorse, antler, angelica, and sesame powder at home. Soybeans and mung beans are about the same hardness as they.
Take the red dates as an example: to play the jujube core, the jujube core is particularly hard, the general machine can not be played, why? The reason is very simple! Ordinary machine blades are the most common stainless steel, and our kitchen choppers are also stainless steel. But cut it for a while, why? Stainless steel itself has no hardness, so it is often used to make a harder one with a normal machine, which is easy to roll, or easy to bend. The effect of using this kind of knife is that it starts to make a little noise and it will disappear soon. Since the knives are made of hard alloy steel, the hardness of the components containing tungsten and manganese inside is particularly good, and it is not as troublesome as a knife sharpening. In a few seconds, the jujube core is broken, and the length of time you can play can be determined according to the thickness you like. Be a little thicker, take a shorter time, and take a little longer. Lesbians have pearls, and pearl powder can last longer.


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