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Our History
Zhucheng Zhongyu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It is a leading brand of domestic animal husbandry equipment. It is a system engineering service provider integrating breeding process design, product development, manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales service. It has total assets of 100 million yuan, covers an area of more than 50 acres and has more than 200 employees. Zhongyu Technology is committed to the common development of world partners, promoting the progress of China's animal husbandry, making the sky bluer, making breeding simpler, and creating a world-class agricultural and livestock equipment enterprise!
Our Factory
Zhucheng Zhongyu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in South Zhongyu Science and Technology Industrial Park, National Road 206, Zhigou Town, Zhicheng Town, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China. With an investment of over 30 million yuan, it has a number of advanced production equipment and a system engineering service provider that integrates breeding process design, product development, manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales service.
Our Product
Zhucheng Zhongyu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly deals with five major product systems: poultry breeding systems, NEF energy-saving chicken coops, heat recovery systems, manure treatment systems, and farming and animal husbandry robot systems. The large-scale, standardized and automated livestock and poultry house turnkey projects undertaken by the company (for example: breeding chicken, breeding duck, broiler, broiler and laying hen projects, etc.) represent the world's advanced animal husbandry equipment.
Product Application
Broiler, broiler breeder, layer hen, egg breeder, broiler duck, breeder duck.
Our Certificate
Zhucheng Zhongyu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been rated as a high-tech enterprise, a technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise, a special meticulous small and medium-sized enterprise, a production standardization second-class enterprise, etc., and is a standing director unit of the Animal Husbandry Association. Passed more than 40 national certifications including ISO9001 quality management system certification, import and export declaration registration certification, heater CE certification, heat recovery European CE certification, construction enterprise qualification certification, etc. The company is a high-tech enterprise with more than 90 independent patents , Listed on the Qilu Equity Exchange Center successively, cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University to build a research and development center, established a Sino-European high-end agricultural and livestock equipment marketing base, and is a Weifang livestock and poultry heater engineering technology research center. At the same time, he is the executive director unit of the Animal Husbandry Engineering Branch of the China Animal Husbandry Association, and won the "Winner China" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and won the provincial "specialization and special" title, and the heat recovery product won the China Animal Husbandry Expo Silver Product Innovation Award.
Production Equipment
The company has air volume/wind pressure noise laboratory, energy exchange laboratory and international advanced production lines: multiple large-scale CNC laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines, CNC shearing machines, 100-ton gantry milling, rolling lines, Shot blasting machine, more than 20 carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machines, robot electric welding machines, plasma CNC cutting machines, etc.
Production Market
The company's breeding poultry breeding equipment, heat recovery system, farming and animal husbandry automation equipment and other fields are in a leading position in the country. The heat recovery system has a number of patent certifications such as appearance and utility models. It has made outstanding contributions to reducing energy waste and protecting the ecological environment, and is effective Comprehensively improve the economic benefits of farming, and have reached long-term strategic and friendly cooperative relations with international advanced livestock and poultry farming enterprises such as Zhengda Group, Wenshi Group, Xiantan Co., Ltd., Zhucheng Foreign Trade, and New Hope Liuhe. The sales and service areas radiate the country and foreign regions have Expanded to Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.
Our Service
1. Technical service commitment
1.1. Train users of complete equipment operation technology, maintenance technology, electric control technology, etc. to be able to operate, use and maintain independently;
1.2. Answer technical problems in a timely manner. If the technical problems cannot be solved by the user, our company will send people to the user site to assist and guide in time;
1.3 If the user needs to update the equipment or expand (reform) the construction project, our company will provide free technical guidance;
1.4 After the company's new equipment is successfully developed, priority will be given to the replacement work of the Zhongyu breeding complete project, which will help to update the equipment for free and only charge for the replacement of components.
2. Commitment to repair and accessory services
2.1 During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem in the use of the equipment, our company is responsible for free maintenance and free supply of parts; if the equipment fails or is damaged due to improper operation or other human factors, the user cannot solve it by himself, our company will send it free of charge People come to the door to assist in maintenance and repair, and replacement parts are only charged for cost;
2.2 In the case of a fault that cannot be eliminated by the user and directly affects production, our company will send someone to the site to solve it. Our company promises to reply within two hours after receiving your company's repair call; if your company cannot solve the equipment failure problem by itself, our service personnel will arrive at the site in time for service after receiving your company's on-site service invitation, and quickly Provide spare parts with high quality.
3. Lifetime service commitment
3.1 Our company sends people to visit the service from time to time to conduct technical guidance and equipment usage inspection;
3.2 Our company conducts regular and unscheduled training methods to transmit the latest breeding equipment and technology at home and abroad. As a user of our company, we have the priority to obtain these technologies and information.Manual Egg Nesting Box factory


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