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Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding:
Allows the use of multiple plastic types, simultaneously
Through the process of co-injection molding, one major advantage of plastic injection molding is the ability to include different types of plastic simultaneously. Co-injection molding is the process of introducing two compatible materials into a single injection mold where the core material is completely encapsulated.  The benefits of this process include allowing increased strength, reduced costs, and other potential beneficial properties such as reduced energy usage due to a secondary plastic’s reduced melting point.
Family Moldie Company is the plastic injection auto parts mold manufacturer and supplier in China, who can make plastic injection molds as customers’ required, the quotation can be provided based on customers’ drawings or samples, but real samples are better.
Following is the mold information for your kindly reference:
Product NamePlastic Auto Truck/ Boot Parts Mold
Product materialPP
Core&Cavity Steel718
Mold StandardDME
Cavity Numbersingle
Injection SystemSide gate
Ejector Systemstripper plate
Cycle Time30''
Surface FinishPolishing, Chrome, Stria, Frosted, etc.
Mold life500,000 times
Production Details:
Product Show:
Customized designs are accepted.
Mold order flow:
What process should I use to make my parts?
Once you have designed your part, Family Moldie Company can quickly and reliably generate a test part with our CNC machining or 3D printing capabilities. For example, after you have been able to see and feel your part, Family Moldie Company can take the next step and build tooling for injection molding of your higher-volume production parts. Depending on your design, Family Moldie Company engineers will consult with you on the optimum process for production that supports the highest quality and lowest cost solution.
If you only need a few parts for test purposes or to create fixtures for testing or assembly, then CNC machining is still the best way to produce them. Family Moldie Company modern, 5-axis CNC machining speeds up the manufacturing process and increases the accuracy of highly complex geometries while meeting tight tolerance demands, producing your parts within 1 to 3 days. Also, our automated machines allow us to eliminate the upfront charges typically associated with making first-time parts.
However, when you need a larger volume of parts for testing, or you are ready to begin production, injection molding is the better choice. Family Moldie Company offers precision tooling, ranging from prototype to pre-production to production tooling, allowing quality parts to be delivered into your hands quickly. Our mission is a 7-day turnaround time from DFM approval to your first parts. Family Moldie Company offers runs ranging as small as 100 parts up to short-runs and engineer-grade production runs of more than 100,000 parts.China Auto Interior Parts Mold manufacturers

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